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What are the similarities between XBAP and SilverlightTM ?

Both XBAP and SilverlightTM are used for creating Rich Internet Applications. They are both based on the XAML format and run inside the browser.

What are the differences between XBAP and SilverlightTM ?

XBAP is Windows only and requires .Net 3 Framework to be installed on your machine. It is used for creating heavyweight .Net applications that take advantage of the full capabilities of .Net 3 Framework.

SilverlightTM is a small component that is plugged into the browser. It is cross platform and does not require the installation of .Net 3 Framework.

SilverlightTM supports only a subset of XAML. You may think of SilverlightTM (WPF/E) as Microsoft's equivalent to Flash Player.

What are the requirements for running a XBAP application ?

For Windows XP/2K

You will need to install the .Net 3 Framework runtime from Microsoft to run XBAP.

This can be downloaded from Microsoft's website at

.NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Download

If you are running Vista (Release version), you should be able to run it without downloading additional components.

How do I run XBAP ?

If the XBAP file resides locally, you can double click on a XBAP file. 

If the XBAP file resides on the internet, you can click on a link that is pointing to a remote .xbap file.

Click the link here for a xbap demo

I have installed .Net 3 Framework, but I am getting a "Trust not granted" error when I click on a xbap application. 

You will need to disable the Popup Blocker in Internet Explorer. < /FONT>

For Internet Explorer 6, this can be done by

  • Going to Tools->Internet Options from the menu
  • Choose the Security Tab and Select the Internet Zone
  • Click Custom Level
  • Under the Miscellaneous Group, Disable "Use Popup Blocker"


How do I create a xbap application and what are the requirements ?

You need to be running on Win 2K/XP/Vista with Visual Studio 2005 already installed on your system. You will also need to download and install the following components

The following link is a tutorial that demonstrates the creation of a very simple xbap appplication.



Deploying Xbap Application

You can deploy the xbap application by using the Buid>Publish command of Visual Studio 2005. This allows any site that supports Front Page extension to host the xbap application. For the xbap to work on browsers, you have to make sure your server has registered several MIME types.

MIME Type Extension
application/manifest .manifest
application/x-ms-xbap .xbap
application/octet-stream .deploy
application/x-ms-application .application
application/vnd.ms-xpsdocument .xps
application/xaml+xml .xaml


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